2017 prints

"Dirty Nasty Filthy Hearts"

A series of stencil monotypes inspired by the vocabulary and symbology used within the rules of the card game Hearts.


A series of mixed monotypes depicting the most basic of knots: overhands and double knots.

"Homage to Louise"

A series of monotype-drawing hybrids that save and improve the prints that were formerly considered to be failed.

Trace Monotypes

Trace monotypes from 2017.

"Girl Meets World"

A series of autobiographical and confessional prints (mixed monotypes and etchings) that explore notions of love, sex, gender, and race through a playful but slightly sinister manner.

Miscellaneous Prints

A set of smaller series: "November in August (A Girl Who Likes Albers)," "Demons," "Hairy Hearts," and others.