"A Paved Road"

A labor of love. A painting that utilizes the language, history, and repetition of the plus sign symbol to build a visual poem that works to process experiences of sexual violence and abuse within romantic relationships. 

Plus Sign Drawings

A series of compulsive drawings exploring the emotive qualities of cursive script, repetition, and the plus sign.

Figure Paintings

 A collection of various observational paintings of live models.

"Slippery Bitch" (2017)

A visual, stream-of-conscious assemblage of various words and phrases that frame several subjects that stem from the Queen of Hearts.


A mixed media painting based upon the rules of the game "Snake."

Plein Air Paintings

A series of oil paintings done outdoors of landscapes and buildings.

Painted Collages

Collages made from hand-painted paper, exploring various ideas in relation to color theory .

Early Paintings

Paintings from 2013 to 2015.

Media and the Body

A series of paintings that reduce and abstract actual bodies so their identities are instead deduced by the fragmented images within the reflection.

Commissions, Portraits, and Illustrations

 A collection of commissions, portraits, and illustrations.