"Dirty Nasty Filthy Hearts" (2017) 

7.5" x 11" stencil monotypes
The series is inspired by the vocabulary and symbology used within the rules of the card game Hearts (also known as Dirty Nasty Filthy Hearts, Da Nasty Fix, Black Maria, Slippery Bitch, Black Lady, and other names/variations).

Hearts is an evasion-type, trick-taking card game. Cards of the heart suit are to avoided in this game, as each heart is one point. In addition to the hearts being disadvantageous, the Queen of Spades (a card inspired by Pallas/Athena), who is called Calamity Jane in this game, is a whopping 13 points. The player with the least amount of points wins, that is unless the same player "shoots the moon." If all the hearts and the Queen of Spades are collected by that one player, they have shot the moon: adding 26 points to the all other players' scores, winning the game.